Apollo 10 (AS 505)

NASA-Archiv: Botton Apollo 10 Commanding officer:
Thomas P. Stafford
Pilot of the command module:
John W. Young
Pilot of the lunar module:
Eugene A. Cernan
Name of the command module: Charlie Brown
Name of the lunar module: Snoopy


Apollo 10 started Thomas Stafford, John Young and Eugene Cernan with the astronauts on May 18th, 1969. It was the second manned flight to the moon. This mission was a combination of the flights of Apollo 8 and 9: The flight to the moon (Apollo 8) and the test of the lunar module (Apollo 9).

The Apollo spaceship ("Charlie Brown") achieved the moon with the docked landing module ("Snoopy") on May 21st. Apollo 10 was at the first two Umrundungen in an elliptical trajectory as in the case of Apollo 8 after the jet engine was ignited to the Abbremsung on the rear page of the moon. According to a second braking maneuver the spaceship then entered a perfectly circular orbit in 112 kilometers of altitude.

NASA-Archiv: Abgetrenntes Kommandomodul

The lunar module then parted with the mother ship with Stafford and Cernan for eight hours a day later. This maneuver also took place on the rear page of the moon so that there was no radio contact with the flight control at this instant. Houston learned only three minutes later that the maneuver had been successful. The country jet engine of the ferry was then ignited for 28 seconds to approach the moon surface except for 15 kilometers at an elliptical trajectory.

NASA-Archiv: Abgetrennte LandefähreAfter the lunar module of the mother ship had solved itself, during the second approach to the place to land no. 1 for Apollo 11 Cernan suddenly frightened yelled out 4 hours and 34 minutes: "We stagger by the whole sky". The ferry started suddenly to make unchecked motions for inexplicable reasons. After that Cernan turned the computer control off and the manual control took on. It didn't last for long and he had got back the vehicle under control. The lower part of the lunar module which among other things serves as a start platform at the zukünfigen lunar landings was repeled to the second Umrundung of the moon. After this the approach followed for the mother ship, the Ankopplung and the change of the two astronauts into the command modulus. The top of the landing module was finally repeled and the return flight started with the ignition of the main jet engine to earth. Apollo 10 landed on water in the pacific ocean on May 26th, 1969.



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