Apollo 7 (AS 205)

NASA-Archiv: Botton Apollo 7  Commanding officer:
  Walter M. Schirra

  Pilot of the command module:
  Donn F. Eisele

  Pilot of the lunar module:
  Walter Cunningham

On October 11th, 1968, almost 2 years after the fire disaster of Apollo 1, one took second place to saturn 1 B rocket ready on the launching pad 34 to take F. Eisele to an orbit around the astronauts Walter M. Schirra, Walter Cunningham and Don in her Apollo 7 Rakete. The start was carried out with a three-minute delay at 11:02 hours of American east time. It was the first American three man mission. The almost eleven-day flight was a success if one refrains from it that Schirra and Cunningham gave cold and stomachache no end of trouble the astronauts. The from the point of view of time packed work schedule also induced Walter Schirra to move a planned television broadcast

NASA-Archiv: 2. Stufe der Saturn 1BThe astronauts repeled the second degree for the saturn 1 B from their spaceship three hours after the admission to the earth orbit. It a formation flight followed meter with this degree in a distance of 15. They then parted with it at first. On the 2nd day the jet engine of the supply modulus was ignited to reach a higher Umalufbahn. In turn an approach was carried out with the second degree. This way a Rendevous should be simulated with the lunar module. Within the following days television broadcasts, locating tasks and the take a photograph of select areas of the earth then stood on the program. The spaceship landed on water approx. 30 kilometers remotely from the destination point on October 22nd. The top dived under water, though. However, on this circumstance the astronauts were prepared.




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