Gemini 9

Thomas P. Stafford (2), Commander
Eugene A. Cernan (1), Pilot

Backup Crew:
James A. Lovell Jr,
Edwin E. Aldrin

Edwin E. Aldrin, Jr. (Cape,Houston)
Neil A. Armstrong (Houston)
James A. Lovell, Jr. (Houston)
Richard F. Gordon, Jr. (Houston)

Mission Objective:
Primary objective was to perform rendezvous and docking and conduct EVA. Secondary objectives included: Rendezvous with ATDA (launched 6/1/66 from Complex 14) in 3rd revolution. Conduct systems evaluation and equiperiod rendezvous. Execute 7 experiments. Practice Docking, Rendezvous from above and to demonstrate controlled reentry. The original crew of Gemini-IX, Elliott M. See and Charles Bassett were killed in an airplane crash on February 28, 1966. The backup crew was named to the prime crew positions. Spacecraft weight: 3750kg. ATDA weight: 1088kg

June 3, 1966 8:39:33.335 am EST. GT-9 was postponed when TLV 5303 with Gemini Agena target vehicle GATV-5004 malfunctioned on May 17. In its place, a substitute target was used for GT-9A; the Augmented Target Docking Adapter (ATDA) was launched by an Atlas on June 1, 1966 (TLV-5304) from Launch Complex 14; However GT-9A was not launched the same day as planned due to a guidance system computer problem. After a brief hold, the spacecraft was launched on the 3rd day.

Altitude: 311.5km (168nm)
Inclination: 28.86 degrees
Orbits: 45
Duration: 3 Days, 0 hours, 20 min, 50 seconds
Distance: km

June 6, 1966. Landing was at 27deg 52min N and 75deg 0.4min West. Miss distance .704 miles (.38 nm). Recovery ship USS Wasp (crew onboard in 52 min).

Mission Highlights:
Primary objective of rendezvous and docking was only partially achieved because the shroud on the ATDA failed to jettison. Instead GT-9A performed a number of rendezvous maneuvers, including a simulation of lunar module rendezvous. EVA time 2hours 7 min. During EVA maneuvers, Cernan's visor became fogged, and he was unable to test the Air Force maneuvering unit.

Secondary objective experiment S-10, Agena Micrometerorite Collection experiment was not attempted because EVA did not take place near Gemini Agena target vehicle (GATV).



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