Gemini-2 (2)

Mission Objective:

Demonstrate reentry heat protection during maximum heating reentry; Demonstrate structural integrity of spacecraft; Demonstrate satisfactory performance of major subsystems; Demonstrate checkout and launch procedures; Evaluate backup guidance steering signals through launch.
Secondary objectives included: Obtain test results on fuel cell and reactant supply, cryogenics, and communications sytems; Demonstrate and further flight-qualify GLV and spacecraft from countdown thru insertion. Train flight controllers and qualify ground communications tracking system.


January 19, 1965 9:03:59.861 am EST

The Titan II/Gemini launch vehicle had to be dismantled to protect it from 2 hurricanes in August and September of 1964. The 2nd stage of the vehicle was taken down and stored in a hanger on 26 August 1964 in preparation for Hurricane Cleo, but the entire launch vehicle was dismantled and removed from Pad 19 in early September before Hurricane Dora passed over the Cape on September 9th. The Gemini launch vehicle was erected for the final time on Pad 19 on 12 September 1964

Gemini-II had been scheduled for launch December 9, 1964. On that date the countdown reached zero and the stage one engines were ignited. The launch vehicle's Malfunction Detection System detected technical problems due to a loss of hydraulic pressure and shutdown the engines about one second after ignition.


Altitude: 171.1 km (92.4nm)
Inclination: xxx degrees
Orbits: suborbital
Duration: 0 Days, 0 hours, 18 min, 16 seconds
Distance: 3422.4km (1848 nm)


January 19, 1965 9:22:14; Landed at 16deg36m North Latitude and 49deg46m West in Atlantic ocean. Miss distance from planned landing point 62.9km.
Mission Highlights:
All primary mission objectives were achieved. All secondary objectives except fuel cell test were achieved. Fuel cell deactivated before liftoff.



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