The general atom intercities division of General Dynamics corporation started with project Orion 1958 as an initiative. 3 federal agencies were involved during his propagation time. ARPA, the AirForce and the NASA. It ended in 1965 and swallowed 11 million $ altogether. The Orion strategy intended to drive a very solid ship with atomic bombs. Warheads should be shot behind the ship and taken to the explosion in distances of several seconds. The force of the explosion would meet an extremely strong armor plating, ride on the whole machinery so to speak on the shock wave. Although no such ship was ever built it entered it for test vehicle, called for "Put-Put" which used chemical explosive devices and reached an altitude of 60 m. In addition, there were nuclear tests at which one had met with graphite coated steel hemispheres of the compressional wave. At the end of the project one thought to have solved all essential problems and could produce some feasible outlines. Originally Orion hadn't been conceived for interstellar journeys but one introduced a modifzierte version to the main one involved at the project, Freeman Dyson, in 1968. After all, a speed of over 10000 km/s would have these therefore reaches 3% of the light velocity. Alpha Centauri would be attainable in a century flying time.



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