completed at this: April 25th, 1991

Maiden flight on this: May 7th, 1992



When the space shuttle Atlantis was put into service in October 1985, the four fleet of the NASA was finally complete. The Challenger opened for its tenth flight into flames shortly after the start but already more than three months later. With only three Orbitern furthermore fit for use one couldn't hope, however, at the NASA to adhere to the launch schedule planned for the next years. For this reason the convention gave green light for the making of a new Orbiters as a substitute for the Challenger in August 1987. A named competition was announced by the NASA, trainee groups were invited from all USA in the context of a class project to suggest a name to the space-travel topic for the new space shuttle. 71,652 trainees altogether took part in the program and in May 1989 president George Bush could announce the name on which the choice fell: Endeavour. Two groups had the one of the Senatobia Middle School in Mississippi, the different one, suggested, of the Tallulah fall School in Georgia these names at once. Endeavour was called the first ship ordered by James Cook which ran in August 1768 of the stack. Cook went on the Endeavour to Tahiti to the Südpazifik to watch the gateway of Venus in front of the sun plate. On the same journey he discovered New Zealand, kartografierte, the new island let survey the East coast of Australia and found a way through the big barrier reef. The new space shuttle Endeavour was delivered to the Kennedy-Space center on May 7th, 1991.
For the day exactly one year on this it started with a seven-headed crew and a demanding payload on board for its first flight (STS 49). Days weren't planned less than three space exits (Eva) on succeed one another, something such hadn't been had a try any more since the lunar landing of Apollo 17 in December 1972. At the first exit the astronauts should capture, repair and stop a telecommunications satellite of the series Intelsat VI again. This satellite had reached only a low orbit due to a fault of its titanium carrier rocket in March 1990. With the two others Eva assembly techniques for the making of the planned space station should eat be tested. In the course of the mission STS 49 the astronauts had to differ from the plan and undertook more activities in the space than ever: three Eva for capturing the satellite and (only) one for practicing the assembly techniques. Capturing the Intelsat turned out well, that only in the third attempt and then also only with the "inexpert" method three astronauts were in the payload bay and reached with their hand for the satellite. After attaching a new rocket propulsion Intelsat was stopped and then shot into 35,900 km of altitude again on its scheduled geostationäre orbit.
The rescue operation in the space lasted for paying attention half hours only just and surpassed the previous one with that, Eva record set up 1972 of the astronauts of the Apollo 17. Fourth Eva was less successful since the assembly techniques proved to be difficult when unexpected. Due to the decelerations of the Instelsat rescue the flight of the Endeavour was prolonged by two days at short notice. At the conclusion of an almost fault-free flight a picture book landing on Edward Air Force cousin was successful in California. A brake parachute was for the first time used for the shortening of the braking distance at the touchdown on the landing strip. The other Orbiter were also equipped with brake parachutes in the consequence. One finds capturing the Eureca satellite (STS 57), the brilliant repair of the space telescope Hubble (STS 61) and a record breaking space stay from 6 days and 15 hours (STS 67) for Endeavour uses following this one under the highlights. In December 1998 the space shuttle Endeavour brought the first American modulus of the new international space station "to Unity" during the mission STS 88, to space ".


The flights of the Endavour:


 1   07 Mai 92   STS-49
 2   12 Sep 92   STS-47
 3   13 Jan 93   STS-54
 4   21 Jun 93   STS-57
 5   02 Dez 93   STS-61
 6   09 Apr 94   STS-59
 7   30 Sep 94   STS-68
 8   02 Mrz 95   STS-67
 9   07 Sep 95   STS-69
10   10 Jan 96   STS-72
11   19 Mai 96   STS-77
12   22 Jan 98   STS-89
13   04 Dez 98   STS-88

14   11 Feb 00   STS-99

the space shuttle "Endeavour" not planned actually at all at the shipment from the Dryden research center to cape Canaveral ... ...




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