completed at this:
October 16th, 1983

Maiden flight on this:
August 30th, 1984


The third Orbiter (OV 103) taken into operation was baptized after two known sailing ships on the name Discovery. With the first Discovery Henry Hudson 1610/11 sailed on the search for a northwest passage between the Atlantic and the Pacific and discovered today's Hudson Bay. James Cook 1778 also discovered an archipelago in the Pacific whom he called sandwich of Iceland with a ship named Discovery, today's Hawaii. The space shuttle Discovery was delivered to the Kennedy Space center in November 1983 and STS 41-D had its first use with the mission on August 30th the following year. On this occasion three satellites you exposed to and Judith Resnik flew as a second American to the space. At the second Discovery mission (STS 51 A) the astronauts Joseph Allen Und Dale Gardner managed in an effortful Eva maneuver to capture the two deficient telecommunications satellites Westar VI and Palapa B2. On the fourth flight (STS 51-D) Jeffrey Hofman and David Griggs didn't manage to get the telecommunications satellite turned out directly to the start, Leasat 3, going despite an exit carried out at short notice in the space again. The astronauts William Fisher and Jame's Van Hoften succeeded the satellite repair at the sixth Discovery mission (STS 51-I) 1985th ways of the attitude of all manned shuttle flights following the Challenger accident got in August/September the Discovery not used the next three years first. On September 29th, 1988, the end of this coercive break came with the mission STS 26 at which the Discovery could weaken the safety doubts arisen the Challenger catastrophe. This one wasn't particularly different from the earlier Space shuttles externally on the start platform. These appearances deceived, however: You had carried out at the systems of the Space shuttle more than 400 greater and smaller changes in the result of the Challenger accident. One had changed 150 details alone at the two celebration substance start rockets (SRB) to exclude a repetition of the perturbation which had caused the explosion of the Challenger. The conductions of the outer tank and the main jet engines also had been designed newly. The most extensive changes had, however, been carried out at the Orbiter Discovery themselves, altogether 220. became more and more and the Orbiter equipped with improved brakes, tires and steering systems the heat shield in some places. The crew carried newly developed, orange-colored pressure suits with an oxygen container of its own, parachute and rescue rubber dinghy, now. In addition, the Orbiter was equipped with a new need rescue system for a flight demolition in the glide phase: At a telescope likely extensible bar the astronauts now if necessary herabgleiten let themselves be known and win a safe distance of the Orbiter before opening their parachutes. The Discovery finally started on September 29th, 1988 again went through a flight like from the textbook. When the Orbiter on October 7th in Edwards Air Force landed cousin, the ground control noticed in Houston highly correctly: "An excellent end of a new beginning!" Since then, the Discovery is regularly again in the service of the space research:>>> Mit ihrer Hilfe gestartet wurden das Hubble-Weltraumteleskop (STS-31) zur Beobachtung weit entfernter Himmelskörper, die Raumsonde Ulysses (STS-41) zur Untersuchung der Polarregionen der Sonne und der Forschungssatellit für die oberen Schichten der Erdatmosphäre UARS (STS-48), der insbesondere den Abbau der Ozonschicht mißt. With atlas (STS 56) another another earth's atmosphere laboratory was transported.

The flights of the Discovery:

1   30 Aug 84   STS-41-D
 2   08 Nov 84   STS-51-A
 3   24 Jan 85   STS-51-C
 4   12 Apr 85   STS-51-D
 5   17 Jun 85   STS-51-G
 6   27 Aug 85   STS-51-I
 7   29 Sep 88   STS-26
 8   13 Mrz 89   STS-29
 9   22 Nov 89   STS-33
10   24 Apr 90   STS-31
11   06 Okt 90   STS-41
12   28 Apr 91   STS-39
13   12 Sep 91   STS-48
14   22 Jan 92   STS-42
15   02 Dez 92   STS-53
16   08 Apr 93   STS-56
17   12 Sep 93   STS-51
18   03 Feb 94   STS-60
19   09 Sep 94   STS-64
20   03 Feb 95   STS-63
21   13 Jul 95   STS-70
22   11 Feb 97   STS-82
23   07 Aug 97   STS-85
24   02 Jun 98   STS-91
25   29 Okt 98   STS-95
26   27 Mai 99   STS-96
27   19 Dez 99   STS-103





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