completed at this:
April 6th, 1985
 Maiden flight on this:
Otober 3th, 1985

This one was put to four space shuttles of the original orbit fleet the Atlantis (OV 104) into service as the last. It got its name of a famous sailing ship as its sister ships. The named giving Atlantis was a zweimastige ketch in the service of the oceanographic institute of Wood fetches. It was in use and put down back more than 800,000 km for oceanography as of 1930 for 36 years. The space shuttle Atlantis was delivered to the Kennedy-Space center in April 1985. The maiden flight gone through fault-freely, STS 51-J in October, was going airborne substances for the American Ministry of Defense. Second use (STS 61-B) succeeded sensational eta maneuvers at almost two months later: Jerry Ross and Sherwood Spring tested strap assembly techniques in the space (ACCESS and EASE), these perhaps for the making of the space station eat you can put. Due to the Challenger accident the Atlantis started only after three-year break to the space once more. In turn this flight (STS 27) was a secret enterprise for the U.S. Ministry of Defense. 1989 were two planet probes started with the Atlantis, the Venussonde Magellan (STS 30) and the Jupitersonde Galileo (STS 34). As the next mission worth mentioning STS 37 at which was exposed to the Gammastrahlensatellit Compton Observatory followed in April 1991. The astronauts Jerry horse Und Jay Apt had to free the jammed highly sensitive antenna of the satellite at a not planned space exit. On its second flight in the year 1992 (STS 46) the Atlantis brought the European research platform Eureca on an earth orbit. At this mission the satellite system TSS 1 connected over a cord was also tested for the first time. Atlantis then didn't return to the space for two years, only in November 1994 on the mission STS 66. one saw it climbing for a historical mission to the sky in June 1995, however, the first Andockvorgang with the Russian space station I (STS 71). Further Andockvorgänge took place for the me to in November 1995 (STS 74) in March 1996 (STS 76) in September 1996 (STS 79) in January 1997 (STS 81), in May 1997 (STS 84) and in September 1997 (STS 86)."

The flights of the Atlantis:

 1   03 Okt 85   STS-51-J
 2   26 Nov 85   STS-61-B
 3   02 Dez 88   STS-27
 4   04 Mai 89   STS-30
 5   18 Okt 89   STS-34
 6   28 Feb 90   STS-36
 7   15 Nov 90   STS-38
 8   05 Apr 91   STS-37
 9   02 Aug 91   STS-43
10   24 Nov 91   STS-44
11   24 Mrz 92   STS-45
12   31 Jul 92   STS-46
13   03 Nov 94   STS-66
14   27 Jun 95   STS-71
15   12 Nob 95   STS-74
16   22 Mrz 96   STS-76
17   16 Sep 96   STS-79
18   12 Jan 97   STS-81
19   15 Mai 97   STS-84
20   25 Sep 97   STS-86
21   19 Mai 00   STS-101
22   08 Sep 00   STS-106


The fourth space shuttle, Atlantis, was completed internally in the work halls of Rockwell in April 1985 ...

The Atlantis then takes its flight program (STS 51-J) ... on October 3rd, 1985 ...



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