"I shall make you have insight and instruct
you in the way you should go. I will give
advice with my eye upon you."
--Psalm 32:8.

I had a dream
that made me cry.
It was too horrible to
describe to you,
a dream of buildings on fire,
of spirits roaming the land,
a dream of war, death
and destruction
all over the world.
I saw the United States
and I saw Egypt.

And I knew that God
was unhappy with mankind.
I could feel his deep
sense of sorrow.

But as I gazed at the rubble
through clouds of smoke,
I also knew that
there's hope, a way
to prevent this dream from
becoming a reality.

We must all pray to God!
not only for ourselves,
but for all mankind.

We must ask for his forgiveness.
God told us that we need
only ask to be forgiven,
to be saved.

Pray to him.
Praise him.
Ask that peace
prevail in the world.

And never
lose your faith in God!

Your faith is your salvation.

t's hard to express how angry I am about these attacks, how proud I am of the brave response on the part of my staff ... and so many others. "



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