The best known constellation in our widths is beyond all doubt, Latin the "big car" Ursa Maior.

Of course the old Lateiner under you know that the translation "tall Baer" means.

Where is this name from?

Everything how so often started in ancient Greece.
It was 12 years old for the young Heracles just and a small pocket-money earned itself with fieldwork.

Even then he had enormous force.
So one left him alone on a big field.
Heracles (Roman: Hercules stretched two powerful oxen in front of the plow and started with his hard work).

Hours passed.

So much had himself, our little hero earned a break of course after effort.
Beautifully comfortably he put himself in the shade of the trees and a nap held.

A big bear came from the woods there.
While Heracles seelig was slumbering master shot tell tales about one of the oxen and a banquet held.

He must have overeaten well because the Baer then fell asleep in the field, too.

When Heracles woke up, it found a strange scenario:
A gigantic bear lay on the field but verdaechtigerweise was only one of the oxen at the life.

"And who shall stretch the plow now?"must have our hero to be wondered.
But the solution wasn't far:

The little rascal woke up the bear roughly with a kick. Although this wanted to complain but as Heracles collar packed and shook strongly it at this appreciated the ox thief who was here the boss.

The dreaded Baer abashedly let herself be been too tight with the other ox in front of the plow.

Unfortunately, the ox substitute behaved very clumsily and dragged to the left and to the right so that the plow got quite crooked.

And this is it today certainly because exactly this plow is the "big car" in the sky.
Therefore also the strange form and the second name "tall Baer".



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