Leo Minor


Actually the little lion plays only a supporting rôle in this story.
A part of the legend is well-known to all of us: The winged God Amor and its love arrows.

And this came so:

The goddess of the beauty and love was said with the romans Venus, the Greek they called Aphrodite.
This one was the result of one of the innumerable infidelities of the God boss Zeus and with that a real goddess.

Where she was was vainly sunshine.
The grass grew, the disputes ended for people, even lions and other wild animals came to her tamely and had themselves stroked.

This gentle, by and by a soft person had got, however, a passionate affair are (alias Mars), the God of the war, one day.
An insensitive, hard was more courageously full of force and Agression a daring man him.

Aphrodite got pregnant, and the son got the qualities of both parents.

You called him Eros, the God of the love.

When Zeus learned, it had its doubts:
Would Eros not confuse the people, torment and bring them sorrow?
It as a precaution wanted to kill it but Aphrodite still could hide its son on time.

So it grew up in deep woods, we find constellation "little lion" in these fed and looked after by a lioness, which one today.

Soon the God was a young man and with its wings it traveled to all countries and much of the world saw.
Eros always carried a golden bend with itself and it also always met a quiver full of love arrows and whom, the heart was fulfilled with love and burning passion.

So Eros brought wars and catastrophes good luck and joy but also immense sorrow to the world.

Soon, because the love goes unfathomable ways and can take grotesque forms for outsider, Zeus was very amused about the strange hustle and bustle of the people.

To the gratitude for this funny conversation it attached the lioness which had pulled Eros up when "little lion" to the sky.



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