This is a story of the black foot Indians.

A crow appeared to a man in a dream once and prophesied for him that he will have two sons.
However, somebody also would come and kill his wife.

After this vision called himself the man "clever crow".

It didn't last for long and the woman gave birth to Geminis.
Only few months later, its wife actually died in an attack.

A clever crow followed the person responsible and finally caught up with him, too.
But he let it go because it was said to him that only this man could resurrect his wife again instead of revenge increase.

Clever crow sadly and confusedly returned home.
He couldn't care for his two children alone and he gave them so to friends.

This Indian was probably a strange person in our eyes because his friends were a big stone and a beaver, and these should take care of one boy each.

So became this son of a rock trained, the different one of a beaver.

When the children were about six years old, clever crow fetched them back.
It found them in the woods and it had to convince once that it is its father.

Following it called the one "for rock" and the different one "beaver".

Together, there the murderer went his wife to her deposit and celebrated a magic, to new life she woke up so finally again.

The stranger explained to the Indian that the gods took the mother of the two sons for six years from the life so that they could learn everything from stone and beaver.

Been good for twos very well and the stay in nature actually had this one: Your senses were sharpened and they had numerous supernatural abilities.

But these were also quite normal Jungs.
Stone wasn't trained particularly well especially and caused a lot of trouble.

It shot an arrow on a bird one day.
This fell on the next tree after that.

Stone climbed up but the bird got out of it again and again and climbed more highly and more highly into the tree.

Beaver couldn't see its brother already soon any more.
It was so greatly afraid that something would have for it happened that it went no longer home.

It was taken and promoted to chief already soon by another tribe instead.

Beaver moved, however, many years later to find its brother.

It climbed the tree always more highly and more highly till it came to the stars.
It became a star next to its brother there itself.

It is the two Gemini stars which rise early in winter.




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