The little rabbit should go to bed but still held on quite tightly to the long ears of the big rabbit. The little rabbit claimed namely to be quite safe that the big rabbit listened to it also well. "Advises how kindly I have you", it said. "Oh", the big rabbit said, I "don't" think that I can guess this.
The little rabbit said "so very much", and spread its Ärmchen, it could so far. The big rabbit had much longer arms. "But" I am so much fond of you it said. The little rabbit thought, ahem, this is much. "I love you as highly as I can suffice", said the little rabbit.
"I am fond of you", I can so highly suffice, said the big rabbit. The little rabbit thought this is rather high. If I also would have long arms only in such a way. The little rabbit then had a good idea. It made a handstand and stretched this one feet on the tree highly. "I am fond of you highly up to my toes", it said. little rabbit into the air the big rabbit said and swung this one "and" I am fond of you highly up to my toes '.
The little rabbit said laughing "I am as highly fond of you as I can hop", and hopped up and down. And hopped so highly that its ears touched the branches "but" I am fond of you, can hop as highly as me the big rabbit said. Hopped terrifically the little rabbit thought. If I really also could highly hop only in such a way. "I am fond of you the whole way to the flux", said the little rabbit. "I have you the whole way to the flux and over the mountains love", said the big rabbit.
The little rabbit thought, oh, this is very far. It was already so tired that it could think nothing at all up more. It then looked beyond the bushes and trees into the great dark night. Yes, nothing far could act away well as the sky. The little rabbit said "I am fond of you up to the moon", and closed the eyes. "Oh, this is very far", said the big rabbit. "This is very far".
The big rabbit put the little rabbit in its scrolling bed, submitted over it and gave it a good night kiss. Then the big rabbit cuddled up to the little rabbit and whispered smiling:

Credit up to the moon and again back us dear to us



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