To a true angel

I was deep in the street to a precipice yesterday. I could a tear fall creek of a despair for this one become not a sir. I was, shown on another one born under a star. Shone by a sun which is foreign to me wants home. And mine wants to be able give these questions an answer, hearts unite place for the breathing. Wants to see that my wings still carry me that your wings are still live in me. When we met the first time, how you told me I fell just to a precipice dropped myself and waited for somebody who catches me. To see perhaps also looked like the bottom of the precipice. I saw only my extended hands that it was like a help cry in a gesture about which I know now. Did nobody want to fall with me, catch me for nobody, then? I then saw your hand between all the folded poor, the faces fending off, and couldn't believe it. It perhaps didn't want to think either. It regarded as a lie, an ambush. My doubts must have injured you. Around me I beat to meet you and everyone these were aching and met mostly anyway at this. You have waited, furthermore reached me and understood. Hurries stones reached me made of to glass out of my petrified tears which I could crush at my silence, haste seen behind the wall. I hurry silent, in times of the quiet your word given in the times of the advice hurries, your ear given in the times in which I fought for words hurries for me. I hurry into this entire let the time between your wings held and me feel my heartbeat. My heart is strong if I am strong haste shown me that I live and this. I am strong in you because I am strong behind the horizon haste shown me that. Because our hands meet behind the horizon and I have sung my song in the empire of the stars. I hurry mirrors shown unite without lies and distorted pictures. Reads me truth recognize one which I had lost. A little child felt left alone, exposed to helpless, tasks it didn't feel equal to which crying, in a world of the adults. If this child saw growing, getting human, saw the star shine fading in its eyes. When I recognized this I asked you for the identity of this child rottenly but you only thought: „you will see recognize it far to, „ And, only too soon, I already recognized me in your dream mirror cried bitter what I believed lost tears therefore. Where I had the faith in other people lost the hope, where, where the trust into me? I didn't know it any more. You thought it doesn't play a role either, when and where. I only must the treasure which lay in me find again. Questions to the life make from my dark eyes again stars from my thoughts again ideas from my doubts again. You thought I would have wings but I couldn't this believe you. You told me of which about the time in which I would have taken light to your life, would have rushed at a night fearlessly there I didn't know whether they have an end would become. I thought there "this is nothing". „you nothing the what are or are something different one in comparison with ". You only laughed and thought I must be born in the new moon. I must have left my star to fall to the earth must have covered many ways through stony landscapes and be now here early. Was here at this time someplace in the liberal case to the precipice in your arms, carried by your wings. "Why are we further", did one require to know voice in me although my heart seemed to know the answer already? "You trap can and up comes anyway again so that you recognize that this precipice is a part of you so that you see that what connects us, also a part. Also you are an angel, possibly an angel the night like me?"! Of course shaking the head I rejected this idea of me and this seemed traps to me anyway in flying like a part of me. I asked "let me" off you "don't leave me alone anyway". „You will and your star your eyes shone "and you will always be safe in my dreams" never be alone again when you have been found ". “Is this also only a dream? Aren't you actual "? A bad presentiment seized my heart. "A part of me lives in the reality like us it do everyone, also you, and in this reality have lost you but this is a part of your truth here you. Everything is real here. Truthful ". I looked around, and recognized that this precipice was like me, an Abbild of my fear. I fell, lost the hold ., knew in what still not believe ... any more at this moment This but your wings carried me and I heard your voice in my heart -- " what you on believe to you and this, what you are. This one is, the angel you were same for me also for you ". I feel a tickling strangely in myself and notice that I was in the room. It was dark around me but I felt light around myself. I noticed that my heart skipped a beat. This noticed for me I wanted to adhere to you. Not wanted that I got wings of my own and but to think not wanted to have this proximity broken off. It got bright, gives a waking up like from one to dream lots sleep in a reality, the shade is still part of my life. You meets in the weekday then, looked that your wings are hidden behind your mask, take you at their hand, show rovers and you my star through the night again? Nobody has earned have an angel like you.

I know what hasn't become from you, I have lost you from the eyes when we both opened each other show other light, explain to hope. But in mine you beat hearts further and your words help me to sail around the precipice. Now surely tears still flow from my eye angles and I quarrel with destiny, don't understand the life and don't find any answers to my questions, too. Like today. But I feel your embrace and hear your wing stroke. See your Star eye sparkling and there always will whitely be a star on which I am at home. My star. But your star also will always welcome me because with blood and tears I wrote my name into its earth and into my heart into your heart. I hope you fly -- anyway if you fall I will be with you.



   © 2002 by Dizzy-Devil •